Belt Test Details

The belt system is a system of ranking that classify your rank in the Martial Art. Each belt represents a certain level of knowledge and achievement by the student and is entitled to its own privileges and responsibilities within the Dojang.  The higher rank you earn in the Martial Art studio has privileges in editicate or respect shown to the person, but also a responsibility to help the lower belt ranks learn there requirements and develop skills and improve their mental strength also.

Take care not to just memorize the following terms, but to apply and understand their meanings. If you have any questions, please consult Master Baker or one of our other instructors for clarification. The verbal and philosophical component of Taekwondo is just as important, if not more important, than the physical aspects. This is what defines Taekwondo as a true martial art.

Here is our belt ranking system

Belt Color              grade

White                     10th gup

Yellow                     9th gup

Orange                   8th gup

Green                     7th gup

Green w/ stripe    6th gup

Blue                        5th gup

Blue w/ stripe       4th gup

Red                         3rd gup

Red w/ stripe        2nd gup

Jr. Black               1st gup



Black W 1 BAR     1st Dan

Black w 2 bars      2nd Dan instructor

Black w 3 bars      3rd Dan Senior Instructor

Black w 4 bars      4th Dan Master

Black w 8 bars      GRAND MASTER

Black w 10 bars    SENIOR GRAND MASTER

  • Belt Color
  • Form
  • Self-Defense
  • Breaking
  • Terminology
  • tied-belt-white
  • White New Student No Requirements
  • tied-belt-yellow
  • Yellow Tae Guk IL Dan

    Basic Form 1

  • 3

    Paddle Sparring

  • Front Kick
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • tied-belt-orange
  • Orange Tae Guk EE(2) Dan
  • 3
  • Side Kick

    Free Sparring

  • Counting 1-10
  • tied-belt-blue
  • Blue Pal Gwe IL(1) Jang
  • 3

    Free Sparring

  • Round Kick
  • Tenets Of TKD
  • tied-belt-green
  • Green Pal Gwe EE(2) Jang
  • 3

    Free Sparring

  • Back Kick
  • 6 Stances
  • tied-belt-purple
  • Purple Pal Gwe SAM(3) Jang
  • 3

    Free Sparring

  • Jump Side Kick
  • 6 Blocks
  • tied-belt-brown
  • Brown Pal Gwe SA(4) Jang
  • 5

    Free Sparring

  • Jump Front Kick
  • 6 Strikes
  • tied-belt-red
  • Red Pal Gwe OH(5) Jang
  • 3

    Free Sparring

  • Axe Kick
  • 6 Kicks
  • tied-belt-navy
  • Navy Pal Gwe YOOK(6) Jang
  • 3

    Free Sparring

  • Jump Back Kick
  • Striking Points
  • tied-belt-pre-black
  • Pre-Black Pal Gwe CHII(7) Jang

    Yuk(6), and Oh(4)

  • 3 Hop Ki Do

    Free Sparring 3 Rounds

  • Wheel Kick
  • Senior Belt Duties
  • tied-belt-black
  • Black Pal Gwe PAL(8) Jang

    Bal Sek Tae

    PalGwe 1-7

    Tae Guk 1-2

  • 4 Hop Ki Do

    Free Sparring 3 Rounds

    2 Against 1

  • 3 Direction
  • Thesis 2 Page

    Taekwondo In My Life